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FAQ: Why must all contractor profiles be provided with an hourly rate?

The contractor is required to clearly state the fixed hourly rate they expect for their services.  This approach ensures automatic acceptance of the rate by the client removing  the necessity for time consuming price negotiations. The transparent nature of freelancer.international ensures competitive pricing whist providing the client with an easy  mechanism of comparing contractor rates.

The hourly rate is therefore binding, i.e. contractors are committed towards their client by this hourly rate. The hourly rate is specified as a net amount (excluding VAT) and without travel costs / expenses.

If a contractor has different hourly rates for different tasks, the highest hourly rate must be specified in the profile. Situations where a lower hourly rate is charged can be described in the profile in the ‘miscellaneous’-section. E. g.: 20% lower hourly rate for projects over 100 hours. The introduction fee which we charge to you will always be calculated on the basis of the hourly rate that is published in your freelancer profile, independently if you actually charge a different rate to your client.

Other payment models that a client could choose from can also be described in ‘miscellaneous’-sectiion. E. g.: Alternatively, the payment can be based on a 10% sales commission.

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