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FAQ: How can I make my freelancer profile more successful?

In addition to the popularity of the service offered and the hourly rate, the content of your freelancer profile has a significant influence on your frequency of introductions. By the following measures, freelancers were able to increase their number of introductions up to tenfold:

  1. Portrait photo: Freelancers with portrait pictures are requested twice as often. Even an average photo is still better than none.
  2. Provide references: If your previous customers are willing to provide information about your services, you can enter their contact details in your profile. In your profile, the number of your reference providers are displayed for all to see. The contact details of the reference providers are of course not publicly visible, but are only communicated to the customer in the case of a project introduction.
  3. Detailed profile information: Provide detailed and specific information on your areas of focus, experience and additional skills. Emphasize your very specific skills. No one would choose a graphic artist specializing in architectural visualization who only writes ’Making beautiful graphics’.
  4. Work sample: You can add a work sample to your profile to convince customers about your work quality and work style. For example, graphic designers often upload brochures, copywriters present their most demanding texts, coaches present videos of their work and mechanical engineers show their complex design plans.
  5. Positive customer reviews: Positive and negative feedback from customers is displayed in the freelancer profile. Convince your customers with the highest level of professionalism and invite them to give us feedback.
  6. A final tip: Please compare your profile with the profiles of particularly frequently introduced freelancers in your category.

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