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At freelancer.international, freelance professionals are directly sourced by the hiring companies, so you do not have to waste your time constantly applying to recruitment agencies:

As a freelancer, what fees do I face on freelancer.international?

Unlike agencies that charge an ongoing commission for the duration of the contract, freelancer.international charges you an one-off fee every time we place an introduction. The fee is as low as twice your hourly rate, that is it.

You and the client will enter into a contract and the client will pay you directly. As an example, a freelancer charging an hourly rate of $40 pays $80 per introduction.

On average, the fees paid by freelancers accumulate to only 1% of their total turnover offering huge savings compared to recruitment agents charging anything from 10 % to 40 %.

Also: You can always pause your profile for free when you are not available to avoid unnecessary introduction fees.

Our research found that on average 2.7 introductions are required to obtain one assignment. freelancer.international screens all requests for appropriate introductions to ensure formal correctness and legitimacy. We permit a maximum of one request per potential assignment. Professional recruiters and contract agencies are banned from using freelancer.international. If you receive an introduction from a client who does not have a real or genuine assignment, simply notify us within 14 days and the introduction fee will be cancelled and the client might be restricted from further use of the freelancer.international service. Please note, to keep the fees as low as possible, the introduction fee is charged irrespective of whether the introduction results in work or not.

Register as a freelancer

  • It takes less than 15 minutes to register as a freelancer as you only need to fill in the fields below.
  • To prove the commitment of your application, we charge a one-off registration fee of twice your hourly rate (e.g. for a freelancer with $40 per hour that would be $80).
  • The registration has no termination period. There are no monthly or annual fees for being registered. Money-back guarantee: If you do not get an introduction from us within 12 months, we will be happy to refund the registration fee immediately.
  • We do not charge any turnover commissions! For each introduction we only charge a one time fee of twice the hourly rate.
  • No commissions for follow-up-projects. After paying the initial introduction fee, you are free to do follow-up projects for that client again without further charges from freelancer.international.
  • Optionally you can also upload work samples and a portrait picture.
  • You can always update, pause or delete your profile for free.
  • 🔒 SSL encryption for secure data transmission.

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**: We will refund the registration fee if you do not get an introduction within 12 months of being registered. Please contact us proactively about it.

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