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United States: We are looking for a licensee to operate an additional freelancer marketplace in United States. More information at www.freelance-market.com

Freelancer.International: The most transparent marketplace for all freelancers

You do not need to register with freelancer.international, just select the most suitable freelancer directly - free and in seconds!

Even in the case of an assignment we will not charge you (the client directly pays the freelancer). Just click on the left side on one of our 35 freelancer categories to find the most suitable freelancer.

freelancer.international has been developed in coope­ration with Nobel Prize winner Reinhard Selten as a highly transparent marketplace for the most efficient introduction of freelancers.


Freelancers: Why use freelancer.international?

Freelancers do not like to be constantly engaged in hopeless applications to job brokers who charge a large ongoing commission for the duration of the relationship and with offers that hardly exceed the 1% threshold even with large providers (= less than 1 project out of 100 offers / tenders).

Our clients specifically select a single freelancer suitable for their project. That is why at freelancer.international 37% of all offers become real orders.

Our top freelancers even achieve a rate of 80%, i.e. 4 orders out of 5 offers / tenders! They achieve this by clearly stating their real capabilities in the freelancer profile, friendly interaction with the client and punctual delivery of the project work. And since the hourly rate has already been determined, there is usually no need for further price negotiations.... more

Free document from 26.09.23: 12 Best Practices in Managing Outsource Relationships

Freelancer-Documents This excellent paper by the Everest Group's Outsourcing Centre, describes best practices regarding the communications methods component of a governance agreement. The structure of informal and formal communication methods employed by 63 highly successful outsourcing relationships, each nominated for the Outsourcing Journal Editor's Choice Awards, were studied for this paper. From that research, both common patterns and innovative approaches were culled to determine the 12 best practices presented in this paper. (PDF file, 16 pages, 260 KB).

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