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FAQ: Why are the freelancers from freelancer.international cheaper than at any agency?

Clients pay optimal rates because the relationship is directly between the freelancer and client removing the need for an expensive agent to act as ‘broker’. Typically, on a 3 months contract, the freelancer.international fee to the client is 1.0% of the freelancer's total turnover. This compares very favourably to the fees charged by an agent, of between 10-40%, on the equivalent turnover. Clients are also able to buy better in as they are able to directly compare the freelancer’s hourly rates against others available in the market at the time. On the other hand, the freelancer enjoys a higher utility rate resulting in a net increase in annual income.

The following example (a programmer with 60% work load) shows how utilisation and hourly net income can improve:

Example Calculation


With freelancer.international

Acquisition expenses (p.a.):

800 hours

100 hours

Time on project (p.a.):

1,200 hours

1,900 hours

Total (p.a.):

2,000 hours

2,000 hours

Hourly rate:

USD 80.00

USD 60.00 (-25%)

Gross income (p.a.):

USD 96,000

USD 114,000

Acquisition cost:

0 (not considering expenses for travelling, lost time, etc,)

USD 1,140 (10 introductions)

Net income (p.a.):

USD 96,000

USD 112,860

Net hourly rate:

USD 48

USD 56 (+ 17.5%)

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