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FAQ: Why do freelancers have to pay for introductions that do not result in work?

The fee charged by freelancer.international is for the provision of a qualified introduction to a client who is looking for a freelancer with your skills. It is up to you, the freelancer, to make the most of that introduction. The most successful freelancers have been able to clearly articulate what they do best in their profile and have offered their services at a competitive and realistic rate.

Historic analysis has found that, on average, 37% of all the introductions result in active assignments*. This approach offers the freelancer a much higher level of success than other acquisition approaches such as going through agencies, direct tenders or self-acquisition. Nevertheless, 63% of all introductions do not result in an assignment. Our research, however, indicates, on average, a freelancer requires 2.7 introductions to secure a new assignment. This means, on average, freelancers will pay fees equal to 5 times their hourly rates in order to secure their next assignment.

The introduction of professional freelancers to clients has proven to be a very efficient approach which:

  • Offers professional freelancers an effective marketing medium that directly helps the freelancer find work.
  • The client and freelancer form a direct relationship and therefore do not have to constantly keep us informed.
  • There is no incentive to be dishonest or to conceal projects.
  • The freelancer with a clear and realistic profile, as well as a competitive hourly rate, is rewarded as they have a higher conversion rate from introduction to assignment. As a consequence, they proportionately pay over overall fees per assignment.
  • The introduction fee is only twice the hourly rate, which on average, is equal to only 1 % of the total revenue generated from the assignment. This is far more cost effective than comparable commission based fee schemes.

*: Average conversion rate. Our most professional freelancers get up to 80%.

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