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FAQ: Why do we list freelancers and not jobs?

There are basically two ways of matching freelancers and requesters:

A) Listing the freelancers by skills and hourly rates: The client then chooses the most suitable freelancer for the project.
B) Listing the clients' projects: The freelancers then decide for which projects they want to bid and decide on a price. Then the client selects the most suitable freelancer.

While some of our competitors use option B, freelancer.international is based on option A as we believe that it has some advantages:

+ The client does not need to specify the project in great detail before talking to the chosen freelancer.
+ The project can start immediately as the client does not have to wait until all the bids come in.
+ Freelancers do not always have to check for countless possible projects and give their bids.
+ Freelancers do not have to bid on projects that are not well specified.
+ As the freelancers are paid a fixed hourly rate, there is more flexibility to adapt the project during implementation. The same is true if the client wants to extend the project or wants to rehire the freelancer.

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