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FAQ: How does the introduction process work exactly?

  1. The client chooses the most appropriate contractor on our website.
  2. The client requests an introduction by entering his contact information and project details on the webpage.
  3. freelancer.international checks the request for formal correctness and sends-out an introduction email to both the client and contractor. Also, an additional SMS notification is sent out to both parties informing them of the introduction request and providing contact details.
  4. The client and contractor contact each other and discuss details of the potential assignment. This initial contact should not take more than one hour and is not to be charged by the contractor.
  5. If both parties agree, the client hires the contractor directly. If no separate agreement is stipulated, the terms and conditions of freelancer.international apply. You may choose to use our sample contract.
  6. freelancer.international charges the contractor an introduction fee equal to two times the contractor’s hourly rates. This introduction fee is charged irrespective of whether the introduction results in an assignment or not. In the case of an unprofessional client who does not have a genuine requirement (no real need), the contractor must contact us within 14 days in writing. The introduction fee is then dropped and the client might be barred from further use of the freelancer.international services.
  7. The client and contractor might contact each other again at a later time and start (a new or follow-up) assignment. Since freelancer.international charges only a onetime fee, no further fees arise from follow-up assignments between the contractor and the client.

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